Are you using SMS marketing for your business? Epic Creative Dubai

SMS marketing is the use of text messaging to promote your services or products. The good thing is that text message marketing doesn’t require special type of mobile phones so most of the phones which are currently in use have the facility of this service. Short message services has a lot of benefits. It is the fastest and cheapest way of generating quick leads and getting new customers.

SMS Marketing

Text message advertising is cheaper than any other type of digital marketing such as PPC, Display etc. The results are amazing. Companies who have been using this service for long time know how effective this advertising medium is. It uses a special type of short code consist of 5 to 6 digits. The best thing about this marketing channel is that it is highly targeted. You can target specific people by gender, age, language, location etc.

A useful type of SMS advertising is the use bulk messaging or text blasting service which is highly effective when targeting a group of people. It is normally used for notifications, reminders and alerts. It is also considered helpful in the communication between staff and customers. You can receive SMS messages anywhere in the world. Bulk SMS Marketing requires a special type of software. With the use of advanced software SMS messages can be scheduled for specific timing and day. Most Bulk messaging marketing services utilize standard Application programming interface.

After knowing the benefits of text message marketing services it becomes the ultimate goal of every business whether it is a start-up or established company to make it one their primary advertising medium. Companies who are operating in UAE can make best use of it for targeting people of different nationalities such as Pakistanis in UAE, Indians in UAE, Africans in UAE, Local Emiratis etc. For a successful SMS campaign the agency who will run the SMS campaign must be reliable. You can choose the services of Epic Creative to run a profitable SMS marketing campaign in Dubai at affordable price.


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